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This genealogical report consists of family outlines only. To the best of my knowledge, the outlines are correct as stated; however, full supporting documentation is included for only some of the relationships cited. Accordingly, the reports should be used as starting points only, to use in forming genealogical hypotheses. To prove these hypotheses, the reader of these reports must provide his/her own supporting rationale obtained from personal family documents such as Bible records and/or memoranda; and from official documents such as wills, deeds, court minutes, etc.  The ancestor numbering system utilized in the reports is that recommended by the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

Genealogical Report - Descendants of John Mortier

Generation No. 1

1. John1 Mortier was born 1797 in Belgium, and died 17 October 1866 in Jefferson County WI. He married Barbara Katrina Muller in Belgium. She was born Abt. 1820 in Bavaria, and died 11 May 1885 in Jefferson County WI.

Notes for John Mortier:


Per the land records of Jefferson County, Wisconsin, John Mortier acquired two (2) forty-acre tracts of farmland near the village of Palmyra as follows:

1) By indenture, dated 11 April 1851, William Gregory and Mary, his wife, conveyed 40 acres of land in fee simple to John Mortier for $70 [see Jefferson County WI, Deed Book 10, Pages 132-133].

2) By indenture, dated 20 January 1859, John King and Hannah, his wife, conveyed 40 acres of land in fee simple to John Mortier for $247 [see Jefferson County WI, deed Book 33, Page 34].


In the 1860 Federal Census for Jefferson County, Wisconsin, John Mortier is stated to be the holder of real property worth $1,000.00 and personal property worth $ 175.00.


John Mortier's will, dated 30 March 1861, was probated in Jefferson County, Wisconsin on 3 December 1866. The will reads as follows [see Jefferson County WI, Deed Book 87, pages 387-388]:

"In the name of God. Amen! I, John Mortier of the town of Palmyra in the County of Jefferson, being of sound disposing mind and memory and understanding and in view of the uncertainty of life and in order to make a proper disposition of those earthly goods with which Heaven has mercifully endowed me, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, That is to say:

"First: I will and direct that the expenses of my funeral and all my just debts be fully paid out of my estate as soon as may be after my decease.

"Secondly: I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto my wife Barbara Katrina Mortier with whom I am now living the use of all my estate both personal and real which may remain after the payment of my funeral expenses and debts as herein before directed and I hereby will and direct that of the use of such of my estate she suitably provide and care for the minor children to me begotten by her, there are at present Louis, James, Elizabeth, and Mary, that she give them such support and instruction as the profits of my said estate shall allow after making suitable provision for herself, until they become of age.

"Thirdly: After the decease of my dear wife Barbara Katrina I will and direct that out of my estate - as my daughter Caroline is already in a measure provided for - my sons Louis and James be paid each the sum of One hundred dollars and my two daughters Elizabeth and Mary be paid each the sum of Fifty dollars as soon as can be conveniently done after the decease of my wife Barbara.

"Fourthly: After paying the above legacies I give and bequeath to my five children Caroline, Louis, James, Elizabeth and Mary which children were born to me by my wife Barbara, all my estate real and personal which may remain after such legacies are paid, the said estate to be divided equally between such children share and share alike without partiality to either, and in case any of the five children shall die before such division then I will and direct that my estate both real and personal be divided equally between the survivors of the said five children share and share alike.

"Fifthly: I hereby appoint my said wife guardian of my said children, Louis, James, Elizabeth and Mary, the said Caroline being already of age.

"Sixthly and lastly: I hereby appoint my friend Nathan F. Smith of Palmyra, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, Executor of this my last will and testament.

"In Witness Whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal this 30th day of March A. D.1861.

/S/ John Mortier (his mark)


A Jefferson County Court Judgment (No. 124971) concerning the estate of John Mortier, Deceased, dated 5 January 1886, provided for the division of the estate after the death of both John Mortier and Barbara Mortier, his wife. The death dates of both John Mortier,17 October 1866, and Barbara Mortier, 11 May 1885, are set forth therein. Also, John's 80 acre farm is explicitly described as follows [see Jefferson County WI, Deed Book 87, pages 389-390]:

"The West half (1/2) of the South East quarter (1/4) of Section Number nine (9) Township number five (5) North range sixteen (16) East."


John Mortier is buried in Zion Cemetery, which is located about two miles northeast of the town of Palmyra, Jefferson County, Wisconsin. His tombstone, although broken, was still intact in the cemetery as of June 1998.

Notes for Barbara Katrina Muller:

Her middle name, Katrina, is sometimes Anglicized to Catherine or Caroline in some records. Her German last name, Muller, is usually rendered as Miller. She is buried in Zion Cemetery, near the town of Palmyra in Jefferson County WI. Her tombstone indicates that she was 89 years old at the time of her death.

A notice in the "Palmyra Enterprise" for Wednesday, 13 May 1885 reads as follows:

"MORTIER - In Palmyra May 11th, 1885, Mrs. B. Mortier, mother of James and Louis Mortier, aged 90 years. Mrs. Mortier was an old and respected resident of Palmyra."

There seem to be some uncertainty regarding her actual age at death. The census records for 1860, 1870 and 1880, with respect to her age, are not consistent with each other:

1860 Census - Barbara's age given as 40 (implying a birth year of about 1820).

1870 Census - Barbara's age given as 60 (implying a birth year of about 1810).

1880 Census - Barbara's age given as 86 (implying a birth year of about 1794).

I am inclined to believe the 1860 Census, taken when her husband was still alive, i. e., a birth year of about 1820 This younger age is also more realistic considering the birth years of her children. Her eldest child was born in 1839 and her youngest was born in 1851.

Children of John Mortier and Barbara Muller are:

+ 2 i. Caroline2 Mortier, born 01 October 1839 in Belgium; died 06 October 1906 in Republic, Iowa.

+ 3 ii. Louis Mortier, born 05 February 1843 in Belgium; died 23 February 1917 in Wisconsin.

+ 4 iii. James Mortier, born 25 December 1846 in Milwaukee County WI; died 15 May 1920 in Jefferson County WI.

+ 5 iv. Elizabeth Mortier, born Abt. 1848 in Wisconsin; died Aft. 1920.

6 v. Mary Mortier, born 1851; died 1934. She married Timothy H. Morris 10 September 1869 in Jefferson County WI; born 1849; died 20 March 1938.

Notes for Timothy H. Morris:

Timothy acquired the 80-acre farm of his deceased father-in-law, John Mortier, on 6 January 1886 [see Quit Claim Deed, Jefferson County WI, Deed Book 87,pages 406-407].

Marriage Notes for Mary Mortier and Timothy Morris:

Marriage is recorded in Jefferson County Marriage Book 2, page 48.


Generation No. 2

2. Caroline2 Mortier (John1) was born 01 October 1839 in Belgium, and died 06 October 1906 in Republic, Iowa. She married John Cory 28 January 1857 in Palmyra, Wisconsin, son of William Cory and Martha Bailey. He was born 05 August 1832 in Plymouth, England, and died 25 November 1893 in Republic, Iowa.

Notes for Caroline Mortier:

In John Mortier's will, he explicitly states that Caroline is one of his children by his wife Barbara. However, Caroline may actually be the step-daughter of John Mortier. She may be the daughter of Barbara Katrina Muller by a prior husband. The story within the Cory family (Caroline married John Cory) is that Caroline's real last name was Miller (Muller) and that she went by the name of Caroline Mortier because her mother had subsequently married John Mortier. In support of this story is the fact that Carline is about four years older than Barbara Katrina Mortier's next oldest child, Louis.


Notes for John Cory:

The following is an extract from "The Cory Family History," a mimeographed document dated 1 April 1955, by Fay Cory Perrin, page 2:

" ... John Cory, son of William Richard Cory and Martha (Bailey) Cory born near Plymouth Eng., August 5, 1832, died Republic Ia., November 25, 1893. Came from England to Palmyra, Wis., 1852; the first of the Cory clan to settle there. Married Palmyra, Wis., January 28, 1857 to Caroline Miller, born Belgium October 1, 1839, died Republic Ia., October 6, 1906; she was generally known as Caroline Mortier because her mother married second to James Mortier. [Comment: This is an error; Caroline's mother married second, John not James Mortier.] All of their children were born in Palmyra except the three youngest who were born a Republic, Ia., where John and his family lived from 1870 until the death of Caroline in 1906. Came to Iowa from Wisconsin in a Prairie Schooner. ... "


The children of John Cory included in this report are those listed in the above cited Cory family history monograph by Fay Cory Perrin, at page 2.

Children of Caroline Mortier and John Cory are:

7 i. George3 Cory, born Unknown.

8 ii. Minnie Cory, born Unknown.

9 iii. Frank James Cory, born 22 January 1859.

10 iv. Lillian Jane Cory, born 27 September 1860.

11 v. Nettie Cory, born 16 October 1863.

12 vi. Lewis John Cory, born 09 June 1865.

13 vii. Charles S. Cory, born 16 February 1867.

14 viii. Nellie Cory, born 01 October 1868.

15 ix. William T. Cory, born 05 May 1871.

16 x. Kitty Cory, born 12 January 1876.

17 xi. Lenna Cory, born 15 April 1879.


3. Louis2 Mortier (John1) was born 05 February 1843 in Belgium, and died 23 February 1917 in Wisconsin. He married (1) Name Unknown. She died Bef. 1873. He married (2) Elizabeth Hitch 1873 in Wisconsin. She was born 09 October 1850 in Cambridgeshire, England, and died 24 December 1912 in Wisconsin.

Notes for Louis Mortier:

Louis's dates of birth and death are as per his obituary in the "Palmyra Enterprise" of Thursday, 8 March 1917. His obituary is as follows:

"Louis Mortier was born in Belgium, Feb. 5, 1843, and died at the home of his son Jesse, in the town of LaGrange, Feb. 23, 1917.

"He came to this country with his parents when a boy and remained at home until he was eighteen, when he enlisted in Co. ___ heavy artillery. He gave three years of patriotic service to his country.

"He was married twice; one son Sherm Mortier of Milwaukee was born of the first marriage. In 1873 he was married to Elizabeth Hitch; to them were born two children, one son dying in infancy; the other, Jesse, with whom he had been making his home. They also adopted a little girl, now Mrs. Charles Steffins.

"For a number of years Mr. Mortier lived in Palmyra where he is well known and highly respected. He next moved to Little Prairie and lived there for eighteen years on the farm now owned by Lucien Washburne. From there he moved to LaGrange where he has lived for the last thirteen years. His wife died about four years ago.

"Mr. Mortier was of a very quiet disposition. He loved friends and was a good neighbor, but one of his chief characteristics was that he preferred to stay at home. He rarely ever left the farm. He was a most industrious man, and continued so until his last illness. He was a man of excellent principles, and was held in high esteem by his comrades and friends.

"The funeral service was held on Monday, Feb. 26, a short service being held at his home, followed by service in the Methodist church at Palmyra Rev. A. L. Tucker officiating.

"Besides his children he also leaves to mourn his death, a brother James of Palmyra, and two sisters, Mrs. J. L. Rowe, and Mrs. T. H. Morris, also thirteen grandchildren.

"Another old resident and another comrade has passed on to a reward that is more than the gratitude of nation or friends."


Child of Louis Mortier and Name Unknown is:

18 i. Sherman3 Mortier, born Bef. 1873.

Child of Louis Mortier and Elizabeth Hitch is:

+ 19 i. Jesse L.3 Mortier, born August 1876 in Wisconsin; died 1934 in Jefferson County WI.


4. James2 Mortier (John1) was born 25 December 1846 in Milwaukee County WI, and died 15 May 1920 in Jefferson County WI. He married Rachel Cory 15 July 1867 in Jefferson County WI, daughter of William Cory and Martha Bailey. She was born 09 October 1849 in Plymouth England, and died 19 April 1900 in Jefferson County WI.

Notes for James Mortier:

The following obituary was published in the "Palmyra Enterprise" for Thursday, 20 May 1920:

"James Mortier was born in Milwaukee December 25, 1848 [Sic]. July 15, 1867, he married Miss Rachel Cory of Palmyra, and they made their home on a farm a mile west of the village.

"Mrs. Mortier died about twenty-two years ago, and two daughters, Nellie and Lenna, have also preceded their father to the home beyond. There remain to mourn the departure of their father, three sons, Emery, of Denver, Colo., Frank, of Palmyra, and Luther, of Milwaukee. Mr. Mortier also leaves two sisters, Mrs. John Rowe, and Mrs. T. H. Morris, both of Palmyra.

"About five years ago Mr. Mortier moved to Palmyra to spend his declining years. Failing health for the past two years gradually affected his mental powers, until it became advisable for the sake of his own safety to be taken to the county hospital at Jefferson. Here he passed away quietly last Friday, having reached the age of 71 years, four months, and 10 days.

"Funeral services were held at the home of his sister, Mrs. T. H. Morris, Tuesday morning, Rev. L. Knutzen officiating. Musical selections were furnished by Mrs. W. H. Munger and Jerome Trewyn. Interment was at Zion. All the sons were present at the service."

There seems to be some question as to the actual year of birth for James Mortier. The above cited obituary and James Mortier's death certificate both state that he was born on 25 December 1848. However, the Federal Census reports for 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 indicate that he was born in 1846 - a two year discrepancy. The reason for this discrepancy is unknown to me.


Notes for Rachel Cory:

The following is an extract from "The Cory Family History," a mimeographed document dated 1 April 1955, by Fay Cory Perrin, page 5:

" ... Rachel Cory, youngest daughter of William Richard and Martha (Bailey) Cory, born near Plymouth, England October 9, 1849; died April 19, 1900. She was among the last of the Cory Clan to come to Palmyra, Wisconsin, coming with her father and brother Daniel in 1866. Married _____ to James Mortier, brother of Mrs. John Cory. ... "

Children of James Mortier and Rachel Cory are:

20 i. Ella (Nellie) J.3 Mortier, born 05 January 1869 in Jefferson County WI; died 21 January 1878 in Jefferson County WI.

Notes for Ella (Nellie) J. Mortier:

Per a notice in the local newspaper, the "Palmyra Enterprise" for Wednesday, 23 January 1878, Ella (Nellie) drowned in a mill pond; she was nine years old. The notice is as follows:


"A daughter of Mr. James Mortier, aged about 9 years, was found drowned in the mill pond in this place on Monday night. It appears that the girl had been sent to the store in the afternoon, and on her way home about five o'clock passed along the pond, and in some way fell into a hole where the ice had been taken out. The daughter not returning as soon as she was expected the father made a diligent search for the child whom he found and with his own hands took from the watery grave, The family have the fullest sympathies of the community in this one of the saddest bereavements."

21 ii. Cora Ette Mortier, born December 1873 in Jefferson County WI; died 02 September 1874 in Jefferson County WI.

+ 22 iii. Emery R. Mortier, born 03 November 1874 in Jefferson County WI; died 13 March 1943 in Arapahoe County CO.

23 iv. Frank Mortier, born 1876 in Jefferson County WI; died 1957 in Wisconsin.

+ 24 v. Lenna Jane Mortier, born 18 October 1881 in Wisconsin; died 12 April 1906 in Wisconsin.

+ 25 vi. Luther Mortier, born 29 August 1884 in Wisconsin; died 12 January 1953 in Wisconsin.


5. Elizabeth2 Mortier (John1) was born Abt. 1848 in Wisconsin, and died Aft. 1920. She married John Rowe 06 April 1867 in Jefferson County (Palmyra) WI.

Marriage Notes for Elizabeth Mortier and John Rowe:

Marriage is recorded in Jefferson County WI, Marriage Book 1, page 120.

Child of Elizabeth Mortier and John Rowe is:

26 i. F. J.3 Ross, born Abt. 1868.


Generation No. 3

19. Jesse L.3 Mortier (Louis2, John1) was born August 1876 in Wisconsin, and died 1934 in Jefferson County WI. He married Lynn Paulina (Polly) Steffano 19 February 1902 in Jefferson County WI, daughter of Charles Steffano and Paulina Mahauff. She was born 1875, and died 1958 in Jefferson County WI.

Notes for Jesse L. Mortier:

Both Jesse and his wife are buried in Palmyra Hillside Cemetery, Jefferson County WI.

Marriage Notes for Jesse Mortier and Lynn Steffano:

Marriage was performed by a Lutheran minister, Gustav E. Schmidt. Groom's residence was at Little Prairie, Walworth County WI; his occupation was that of a farmer; his parents were Louis Mortier and Eliza (nee Hitch) Mortier. Brides parents were Charles Steffano and Paulina (nee Mahauff) Steffano [See Jefferson County WI, Marriage Book 5, page 145].

Children of Jesse Mortier and Lynn Steffano are:

27 i. Harvey4 Mortier, born Abt. 1903 in Wisconsin; died 06 December 1967 in Wisconsin.

28 ii. Florence Mortier, born Abt. 1906.

29 iii. Unnamed Daughter Mortier, born 1910.


22. Emery R.3 Mortier (James2, John1) was born 03 November 1874 in Jefferson County WI, and died 13 March 1943 in Arapahoe County CO. He married Dorothy Mason 14 December 1901 in Lake County, Illinois, daughter of Dwight Mason and Olive McFarland. She was born 14 October 1881 in Whitefish Bay WI, and died 20 June 1961 in Arapahoe County CO.

Marriage Notes for Emery Mortier and Dorothy Mason:

See Lake County IL Marriage Volume H, Page 133; Marriage License Number 89M1117.

Children of Emery Mortier and Dorothy Mason are:

+ 30 i. Violet Dorothy4 Mortier, born 14 July 1906 in Scott County IA; died 07 July 1978 in Denver County CO.

31 ii. Richard Mason Mortier, born 31 May 1908 in Englewood CO; died March 1997 in Englewood CO. He married Opal _____.

32 iii. Margaret Jane Mortier, born 18 October 1915.


24. Lenna Jane3 Mortier (James2, John1) was born 18 October 1881 in Wisconsin, and died 12 April 1906 in Wisconsin. She married William Paul Mede 27 April 1899 in Wisconsin, son of Harmon Mede and Emily Meliter. He was born September 1870 in Wisconsin.

Marriage Notes for Lenna Mortier and William Mede:

Marriage is recorded in Jefferson County WI, Marriage Book 5, page 14, Marriage Number 011951.

Child of Lenna Mortier and William Mede is:

33 i. Eva4 Mede, born March 1900 in Wisconsin; died 12 April 1906 in Wisconsin.


25. Luther3 Mortier (James2, John1) was born 29 August 1884 in Wisconsin, and died 12 January 1953 in Wisconsin. He married Clara Kubosch 05 January 1918 in Wheaton Illinois. She was born 18 August 1888 in Glogow Germany, and died 03 April 1984 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Notes for Luther Mortier:

The following is an extract from "The Cory Family History," a mimeographed document dated 1 April 1955, by Fay Cory Perrin, page 5:

" ... Luther born August 29, 1884; died January 12, 1953; married Wheaton, Illinois January 5, 1918 to Clara Kubosh, born Glogow Germany August 18, 1888; settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he was Ass't Supt. Post Office Station G. ... "

Children of Luther Mortier and Clara Kubosch are:

+ 34 i. James Joseph4 Mortier, born 25 February 1921 in Wisconsin; died 02 March 1983 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

+ 35 ii. Ralph Luther Mortier, born 04 March 1923.

+ 36 iii. Tyler Arthur Mortier, born 23 December 1925.


Generation No. 4

30. Violet Dorothy4 Mortier (Emery R.3, James2, John1) was born 14 July 1906 in Scott County IA, and died 07 July 1978 in Denver County CO. She married (1) Clark Wesley Norfleet 21 November 1925 in Jefferson County (Golden) CO, son of Reverend Norfleet and Louella Mayfield. He was born 12 June 1906 in LaClede County MO, and died 02 May 1984 in Larimer County CO.

Notes for Clark Wesley Norfleet:


Clark Wesley Norfleet was born in Lebanon, Missouri on 12 June 1906; he was born in the house of his maternal grandfather, William Randolph Mayfield (1834-1914), a prosperous local farmer. Clark was the youngest child of Reverend Abraham Lincoln Norfleet and Louella Belle Mayfield.


Clark's mother died unexpectedly of a heart attack in 1909, when he was only three years old. As a result, the primary maternal influence in his childhood was provided by his older sister, Evalyn, who was eleven years his senior. Since his father was a minister of the Gospel, Clark's childhood was characterized by considerable travel and frequent geographical relocation.


In the early 1920's, Clark's father became the pastor of the Mayflower Congregationalist Church in Englewood, Colorado. While a high school student living in Englewood, Clark met the daughter of a neighbor family, Violet Dorothy Mortier. At this time, Clark was quite a handsome and outgoing young man; he rode a motor cycle and was considered a bit wild and exciting to his fellow students at Englewood High School. Clark and Violet began dating and, soon after graduation, they eloped and got married in Golden, Colorado, on 21 November 1925. Both were only nineteen years old at the time and the marriage was strongly opposed by both their families.


Feeling unwelcome in Englewood, the newlyweds commenced an itinerant life style, traveling by car all across the United States, working at various odd jobs and frequently staying with relatives and friends. They continued this gypsy life style for about three years, and, although they had very little money during this time period, both Clark and Violet said that this three years was the happiest time of their lives!

In about 1928 they returned to the Denver area, which remained their permanent home for the rest of their lives. During the Great Depression, their economic situation was actually quite favorable. Both Clark and Violet had jobs throughout these years and their combined income was good for the times. They were able to buy new cars (Oldsmobiles) every three years and also acquired some mountain property about 55 miles from Denver, in Park County. At that location, they built a log cabin in 1937. This cabin was used as a recreational, summertime home for many years thereafter.


Shortly before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Philip Clark Norfleet, the child of Clark and Violet Norfleet, was born on 15 August 1941. Philip was their only child.


When the United States entered World War II, Clark tried to enlist but was turned down as being too old (over 35). However, during the War, Clark performed defense related work: first, at the Denver Ordnance Plant, and later, at the then top secret military facility at Hanford, Washington.

After the War, Clark returned to his civilian work in the tire and oil business. In the early 1950's Clark became the sales and marketing manager for a Denver based tire and oil company. He remained in this position until just a few years before his retirement. In his last years in the work force, Clark worked as a department manager for Ace Hardware Stores.


During his entire life, Clark was an avid fisherman and outdoorsman. After World War II, Clark became one of the first civilian owners of one of those rather famous military four wheel drive (4WD) vehicles - the Jeep. His first Jeep was a 1942 military model which still had the mounts for emplacement of a 50 caliber machine gun!

Clark and his friends were among the first people in Denver to own 4WD's. They used their jeeps to reach heretofore almost inaccessible high mountain lakes where the fishing was incredibly good. They traveled along old hunting and mining trails that had previously only been used by people on foot or on horseback. During the late 1940's and through the 1950's, vehicle travel on these trails was relatively light and they usually had the high lake fishing pretty much to themselves. By the 1960's, this situation began to change and by the 1970's, it seemed that almost every "yuppie" in Denver had a 4WD vehicle of some sort. According, traffic on the mountain trails became unacceptably heavy and parking at some of the high lakes became a problem. State and Federal officials then began to close off many of these trails to motorized traffic and the halcyon days of the jeep fisherman came to an end.


After his retirement, Clark still drove a 4WD, a 1974 and later a 1979 Scout II, but he rarely did any off-road travel. In July 1978, Clark's wife, Violet, died of cancer after a long illness. In May 1979, Clark married Della Deselm, the widow of a long time family friend. Clark and Della moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where they remained until Clark's death. During the last years of his life, Clark and his second wife took a number of long automobile trips in the United States and Canada, including a visit to Clark's boyhood home in Missouri. In late April 1984, Clark Norfleet suffered a massive stroke and died a few days later, on 2 May 1984.

[The above biographical sketch was prepared by Clark's son, Philip Norfleet, in 1997.]

Child of Violet Mortier and Clark Norfleet is:

37 i. Philip Clark5 Norfleet, born 15 August 1941 in Denver County CO.


34. James Joseph4 Mortier (Luther3, James2, John1) was born 25 February 1921 in Wisconsin, and died 02 March 1983 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He married Yetta Plotkin 1943.

Children of James Mortier and Yetta Plotkin are:

38 i. Penny Suzanne5 Mortier, born 1951.

39 ii. Mark Luther Mortier, born 1954.

40 iii. Peggy L. Mortier.


35. Ralph Luther4 Mortier (Luther3, James2, John1) was born 04 March 1923. He married Joyce Cooke 15 June 1949.

Children of Ralph Mortier and Joyce Cooke are:

41 i. Jeffrey5 Mortier, born 15 February 1951.

42 ii. Stacy Lyn Mortier, born 06 November 1960.

43 iii. Terry Mortier.


36. Tyler Arthur4 Mortier (Luther3, James2, John1) was born 23 December 1925. He married Gloria Steinke 08 March 1958.

Children of Tyler Mortier and Gloria Steinke are:

44 i. Scot T.5 Mortier, born 21 February 1959.

45 ii. Renee L. Mortier, born 19 April 1961.

46 iii. Marlo Arroen Mortier, born 16 May 1968.




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