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How to Use This Report

This genealogical report consists of family outlines only. To the best of my knowledge, the outlines are correct as stated; however, full supporting documentation is included for only some of the relationships cited. Accordingly, the reports should be used as starting points only, to use in forming genealogical hypotheses. To prove these hypotheses, the reader of these reports must provide his/her own supporting rationale obtained from personal family documents such as Bible records and/or memoranda; and from official documents such as wills, deeds, court minutes, etc.  The ancestor numbering system utilized in the reports is that recommended by the National Genealogical Society (NGS).

Genealogical Report - Descendants of Ira Mason

Generation No. 1

1. Ira1 Mason died Bef. 1860. He married Esther _____. She was born 1794, and died Aft. 1860.

Notes for Ira Mason:

Ira Mason is cited as the father of Dwight Mason on Dwight's death certificate. The name of his mother is not provided. The information was obtained from Dwight's wife, Olive E. Mason.

Notes for Esther _____:

The 1860 Federal Census for D. [Dwight] Mason for Knox County (City of Galesburg), Illinois indicates that his then wife (Lydia) was 24 years old. In the same household is a woman named Esther Mason, age 66. Presumably Esther is Dwight Mason's mother.

Child of Ira Mason and Esther _____ is:

+ 2 i. Dwight (aka David B.)2 Mason, born 02 May 1827 in Cayuga County (Auburn), New York; died 15 December 1908 in Arapahoe County CO.


Generation No. 2

2. Dwight (aka David B.)2 Mason (Ira1) was born 02 May 1827 in Cayuga County (Auburn), New York, and died 15 December 1908 in Arapahoe County CO. He married (1) Lydia _____. She was born Abt. 1836, and died Bef. 1867 in Knox County (Galesburg) IL. He married (2) Olive E. McFarland 11 March 1867 in Rock Island County IL, daughter of John McFarland and Eliza McNeal. She was born 04 February 1844 in Sterling New York, and died 07 February 1921 in Arapahoe County CO.

Notes for Dwight (aka David B.) Mason:

The birth and death dates for Dwight Mason were obtained from his death certificate; he died in Englewood, Colorado at the home of his daughter, Dorothy Mason Mortier.

The birth dates for the children of Dwight and Olive Mason were obtained from Dwight's response to a questionnaire from the Bureau of Pensions; his response, dated 16 May 1898, was executed in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. Interestingly, in this questioaire, Dwight denies that he had been previously married!

Notes for Lydia _____:


The 1860 Federal Census for D. [Dwight] Mason for Knox County (City of Galesburg), Illinois indicates that his then wife (Lydia) was 24 years old. In the same household is a woman named Esther Mason, age 66. Presumably Esther is Dwight Mason's mother.


The following deposition was filed as part of the Civil War Pension Application of Olive E, Mason, widow of Dwight Mason:



"Olive E. Mason, being duly sworn on her oath, says that she is the widow of the late Dwight Mason who served as a member of Co. "G" 2nd Iowa Cavalry in the Civil War of 1861 and 1865; and that as such widow she is the claimant for widow's pension by No. 910930; Affiant declares in answer to paragraph five of the circular letter call made on her by the Pension Bureau of January 27th, 1909 for testimony showing the death of her late husband's first wife, Lydia Mason; that the affiant is unable to find any public record of the death or burial of the said Lydia Mason, notwithstanding earnest and diligent efforts to do so, by correspondence with public officials at Galesburg, Illinois, where the said Lydia Mason died several years before the war, as she had been informed by her late husband, Dwight Mason. That she, Affiant, has written to officials of the cemeteries at Galesburg for a record of the burial of the said Lydia Mason at that place but has received no information whatsoever from any such officials. That she has also written to the City Attorney of Galesburg, Illinois, to place her in communication with such officials as might be able to give her such information but to this correspondence and request has thus far received no reply. That this Affiant has no knowledge of any person or persons who knew her late husband and his first wife while they resided at Galesburg, before, or at the time of the death and burial of the said Lydia Mason at Galesburg aforesaid; that Affiant has no acquaintance at Galesburg with whom she can communicate on the subject, nor is she at present in such a financial condition as to be able to go to Galesburg in person to procure such testimony if any such there be of record; Affiant says that if the foregoing statement cannot be accepted as sufficient on this point, that she may be further advised in the premises.

"/S/ Olive E. Mason, Claimant

"Subscribed and sworn to before me this 31st Day of March, A. D. 1909.

"Jno. L. Taylor, Notary Public"

Notes for Olive E. McFarland:

From Olive's Civil War Pension Application (as widow) papers the following information was extracted:

Sworn Affidavit, dated 13 March 1909:

"State of Illinois

"County of DeKalp

"Almon W. Lake of the Town of Sandwich, State of Illinois, being sworn, deposes and says; that he was personally acquainted with Olive E. Mason before her marriage to Dwight Mason in March 1867 at Rock Island, Illinois; and that he knew her as Olive McFarland.

"Affiant further declares that the said Olive McFarland had not been previously married, although she had arrived at marriageable age some three or four years, prior thereto.

"Affiant further declares that to the best of his knowledge and belief that she lived with her said husband, Dwight Mason, continuously from the time of said marriage up to the time of his death. That neither of them had ever been divorced, to this affiants best information, knowledge and belief.

"/S/ Almon W. Lake"

Marriage Notes for Dwight Mason and Olive McFarland:

Date of marriage is confirmed by a Certificate of Record of Marriage from the County Clerk (Harvey B. Hubbard) of Rock Island County IL, dated 16 February 1909. The certificate was found among the Civil War Pension Application papers submitted by Olive E. Mason.

Children of Dwight Mason and Olive McFarland are:

3 i. Olive A.3 Mason, born 26 October 1869.

4 ii. Emma A. Mason, born 08 February 1870.

5 iii. Clara B. Mason, born 03 October 1876.

+ 6 iv. Dorothy Mason, born 14 October 1881 in Whitefish Bay WI; died 20 June 1961 in Arapahoe County CO.


Generation No. 3

6. Dorothy3 Mason (Dwight (aka David B.)2, Ira1) was born 14 October 1881 in Whitefish Bay WI, and died 20 June 1961 in Arapahoe County CO. She married Emery R. Mortier 14 December 1901 in Illinois, son of James Mortier and Rachel Cory. He was born 03 November 1874 in Jefferson County WI, and died 13 March 1943 in Arapahoe County CO.

Children of Dorothy Mason and Emery Mortier are:

7 i. Violet Dorothy4 Mortier, born 14 July 1906 in Scott County IA; died 07 July 1978 in Denver County CO. She married (1) Clark Wesley Norfleet 21 November 1925 in Jefferson County (Golden) CO; born 12 June 1906 in Laclede County MO; died 02 May 1984 in Larimer County CO.

8 ii. Richard Mason Mortier, born 31 May 1908 in Englewood CO; died March 1997 in Englewood CO. He married Opal _____.

9 iii. Margaret Jane Mortier, born 18 October 1915.

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