Dwight Mason in 1895

Mortier, Cory and Mason Families


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Violet Mortier in 1924

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This site has been created to provide information for the use of genealogists who are researching the family and descendants of:

1)  Dwight (aka David) Mason (1827-1908) of Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.  Dwight was born in Cayuga County (town of Auburn), New York.  Dwight's father, Ira Mason, was probably born in either Massachusetts or Connecticut.  Ira's ancestors probably migrated from England to Massachusetts Colony in the mid-17th century.  However, further research is needed to substantiate this conjecture.

2)  John Mortier (1797-1866) of Jefferson County, Wisconsin.  John emigrated to the United States from Belgium in the 1840's.

3)  William Cory (1796-1872) of Jefferson County, Wisconsin.  William emigrated to the United States from Cornwall, England in the 1840's.

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